is an international service web site. Its aim is to promote young talents and world-famous artists.

 If you organize concerts and recitals and you look for artists, if you are an art sector representative of a municipality and you want to create a musical event, if you organize artistic cruises and you need artists, suggest to you lots of world-famous, high level artists, according to your budget.

Moreover, is in direct daily touch with the musical topicality in France. So, if your are a student or any one else, we can constantly advise you and help you for your choices, however varied they may be.

The direct contact with permits to draw up a quotation, according to your budget.

For concerts, we can suggest to you every style from piano recital to symphonic concert, from concerto to oratorio, from jazz to cabaret... can be useful even if you are about to get married and if you want a wedding ceremony with music...

We suggest to you a selection of records among our artists' recordings and new publications. can propose master-classes which can help students before an international competition and can bring them into relationship with great professors for each discipline.